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14 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?

  1. Hi. Thanks for sharing your Facebook lesson. Looks very interesting and I shall try it out. Just wanted to let you know that there is a typing error in the discussion questions – n° 7… It reads ” What the difference between…” instead of “What is the difference between…” Bye for now. Helen

  2. I finished school already but I’m going to ty this lesson in september. It’s a very interesting topic!
    thanks, and keep on with your good job:)

  3. Thanks for the lesson plan! I had already seen this short film back when it went viral on social media (a film criticizing Facebook showing up on Facebook: love it!), so I was happy to see that you had decided to craft a lesson plan around it.

    My adult Indonesian (uni students) learners seemed to enjoy it, even though they already knew a lot of the vocabulary. Our lessons are 90 minutes, so I paired the film with a related conversation I had downloaded from to add listening practice to the lesson.

    The only things that made me nervous about using this short film are the scenes with the “cheater” in his underwear (and all that implies) and the part with the prostitute. My Indonesian colleague assured me that as adults, the learners would understand that this is reality and would likely not be offended. I would probably not show this film to teenage learners, only for fear of parental backlash. That’s a shame, because I think the message of the film and lesson are great for teens…

    Thanks again for the lesson plan!

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