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Train with Kieran in the Use of Film and Video in Language Teaching

I’m delighted to announce I’m doing my most popular course, Film and Video in Language Teaching, again in Barcelona this year. On this course I train teachers how to use film and video critically and creatively in the language classroom. There are a total of twenty contact hours. The course language is English but the course is suitable for teachers of other languages. You can download this information leaflet

Here’s a short video about the course.

Course content
There will be a focus on how short films and video can be used in the classroom and sessions deals with the following themes:

– Using short films and videos
– Using feature-length films
– How to write activities for authentic film and video
– Digital film‐making in language teaching and learning
– Using film and video to help students learn vocabulary
– Using film and video to foster:
oral communicative competence
written communicative competence
oral comprehension
visual literacy

Dates for 2019
Tuesday 23rd  to Friday 26th April * (5 hours of class a day)

Monday 1st to Friday 5th July

Monday 8th to Friday 12th July

Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September

Monday 23rd, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th September * (5 hours of class a day)

Monday 21st to Friday 25th October

Monday 25th to Friday 29th November

Monday 16th to Friday 20th December

Dates for 2020

Monday 27th to Friday 31st January

Monday 24th to Friday 28th February

Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March

Monday 6th to Friday 10th April

Monday 25th to Friday 29th May

Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July

Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July

Monday 13th to Friday 17th July

Monday 17th to Friday 21st August

Monday 24th to Friday 28th August

Monday 31st August to Friday 4th September

Monday 7th to Friday 11th September

Monday 14th to Friday 18th September


Monday to Friday, 9.30 – 11.30 and 12.00 – 14.00


Carrer Castillejos 326, Barcelona




€490. You can download these payment details



Please fill in this form to register for the course.



If you would like more information about the course and how to pay, please send me an email at


Here are some comments from teachers on my Film and Video in Language Teaching course:

“I loved the way Kieran delivered the course and how much he knows about the field.”

“I loved the tutor’s energy, enthusiasm, the topic’s relevance and the hands-on instructions given.”

“Kieran always exemplified the theory with practical examples, teaching ideas and activities.”

“Kieran delivered the course in a very enthusiastic atmosphere.”

“Kieran shared with enthusiasm his wealth of experience through numerous practical examples and links as to where to find relative resources and information.”

“Kieran justified the need for video literacy, provided a rich selection of video resources, and created a productive learning environment in the classroom.”

“Kieran was very well prepared and the materials he gave were really relevant for the purpose of the course.”

“Kieran fostered challenge in teaching new technologies applied to the language classroom – and made us laugh , showing that the secret of doing things well is to have fun!”

“Kieran interested the audience, got us involved, and made us participate.”

“The course has given me more confidence in developing learning resources, and wider variety of approaches for exploiting video.”

“After doing this training course I will definitely use more videos in class to teach both English and empathy. In other words, film and video will become central to my practice.”

“This course will enable me to incorporate video and film activities into my everyday teaching and to get my students to work autonomously on video productions.”

“The training course helped me to a great extent as many aspects have become clearer now with regards to film use. It also helped me to develop many more points in my research project as recommendations to English language teachers, to me as a teacher as well, and hopefully, to organise some workshops for teachers in Algeria and share with them what I learnt from this training and how to apply films and videos in their classes effectively.”

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