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Coca-Cola Ad

Posted on October 7, 2013 by kierandonaghy

coca_cola_adThis EFL lesson plan is designed around a Coca-Cola advert and the theme of healthy eating and lifestyles. Students compare their eating habits and lifestyle with those of their grandparents, watch an advert, read a press release and talk about the values Coca-Cola adverts try to transmit. This lesson plan has been created especially for the IATEFL Global Issues SIG Food Issues Month.




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Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2)

Learner type: Teens and adults

Time: 60 minutes

Activity: Watching a short film, reading a press release, speaking and writing

Topic: Healthy lifestyles, eating and adverts

Language: Food vocabulary, lifestyle vocabulary and comparatives

Materials: Short film and press release

Downloadable materials: coca-cola ad lesson instructions     coca-cola press release 

Step 1

Ask students to think about their grandparents and their lifestyle when they were younger. Ask them to discuss the following sentences:

Compare your grandparents’ eating habits with your own.

Compare your grandparents’ free time activities with your own.

Compare your grandparents’ social relationships with your own.


Give students examples such as:


My grandparents ate much less red meat than me.

My grandparents walked more than I do.

I speak to my friends more on the phone than my grandparents.



Step 2

When students are ready hold a plenary discussion and write up any interesting sentences on the board.


Step 3

Tell students that they are going to watch an advert for Coca-Cola which compares the lifestyles of two generations. Ask students the following questions:

Can you think of any Coca-Cola ads that you’ve seen?

What’s the Coca-Cola slogan?

What values do Coca-Cola try to transmit in their adverts?

What types of lifestyles are shown in Coca-Cola adverts?


Step 4

Show the film and ask students to notice any differences in the lifestyles shown in the ad.

After watching the film get feedback from the whole class.




Step 5

Put students in pairs and ask them to write at least five sentences comparing the lifestyle of the grandson and the grandfather after watching the film for a second time.

Give an example such as:

The grandfather ate less than his grandson.

When students are ready show the film a third time and pause at each scene, ask students to read out the sentences they have written for each scene. Next discuss the lifestyles of the grandfather and the grandson.


Step 6

Put students into small groups and ask them to discuss the following question:

What values are Coca-Cola trying to transmit in this advert?

When students are ready get feedback from the whole class.


Step 7

Now show students part of the Coca-Cola Company’s press release for the ad.

Ask students to read the press release the following questions:


  • Did your grandparents move more, eat better and take it more easily than you?
  • Do you think the advert raises awareness of the benefits of a balanced diet and active, healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you think drinks like Coca-Cola can form part of a balanced diet?


Ask students to answer the questions individually and then to discuss their answers with a partner.



Ask students to write a letter to the Coca-Cola Company in response to the ad. They should say how the ad made them feel and what they liked or didn’t like about the ad. They should also say if they think the advert raises awareness of the benefits of a balanced diet and active, healthy lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy this English language lesson.

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32 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Ad

  1. Both my students and I love your films and make us have precious conversation.
    Thank you.
    Maria Borbandi

  2. Thank you so much. My students and I are in the middle of a unit about food an drink, healthy habits, ordering food at a restaurant etc so this lesson will be really helpful to motivate them and get them talking (not only the typical role-play waiter – costumer(s), which works because I record them and upload it on the school’s blog), but this lesson is great. Thank you again!

    • Hi Rosa,
      You’re welcome. Thanks a lot for the kind words. I’m really happy the lessons so much and I hope your students like it too..
      All the best,

  3. I love your website! This lesson plan is perfect for one of the lessons I’ve planned for my B2 level class.


  4. Thank you, this is wonderful and very helpful. Lovely idea too. I will most certainly use it for my first ESL Conversation Lesson.
    Thank you once agin

  5. Hi, Kieran! I enjoyed watching this Coke ad. This is a perfect warm-up for my speaking activities. It’s good exercise for using comparisons. This is also a good resource to teach about past and present tenses and comparative adjectives.

  6. Great help for teachers around the world. A wonderful didactic tool that makes the teaching of English entertaining and profitable for both educators and students. Thanks a lot from Spain!!!.

  7. Dear Kieran,

    I’m a teacher at the Centre of Adult Education in Tervuren/Hoeilaart, near Brussels, Belgium. My colleague recommended your website, and I used it in my lesson of English conversation (advanced level) yesterday and it worked wonderfully well! I showed them the Coca Cola advert and used your lesson plan (which is very well constructed, congratulations!). My students were very enthusiastic and motivated and just loved the lesson (they normally do, but now even a bit more!).
    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful material with other teachers.
    Francis De Meulemeester
    CVO (Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs) Tervuren/Hoeilaart,

  8. Hi Kieran, great motivating lesson material!
    I have one question though. Isn’t it a little too much to expect from the pupils that they immediately and accurately reflect on the liftestyle of their grandparents in step one? If I asked this in my classes I would not get much response, I think. Maybe you could ask them to interview their grandparents about their lifestyles in advance so they have more support before starting this lesson?

  9. Hi Kieran, I have been using this lesson plan with my Quebecois secondary school students over the last two weeks, it’s great seeing them so engaged. I started the lesson off by looking at a 1905 Coca Cola advert; comparing it to advertisements we see today, next was the lifestyles activity (them/their grandparents) then looked out for both differences and similarities in the advert and finished it with the discussion questions. Thank you so much for this fab lesson plan!

  10. Hi, I loved it! I teach secondary school English here in Malaysia, and my young and very easily bored students would certainly find it interesting to have advertisements like this as part of their lessons.

    Thank you very much for the lesson plan & ideas 🙂

  11. Hi Kieran,

    Your site is so helpful! I just wante to congratulate for your hard work to make it possible. I have ordered your book and Iam looking forward to getting it. Go ahead, you are doing a great job.

    • Hi Miquel Angel,

      Thanks a lot for commenting and for the kind words. Thanks for buying the book too; I hope you enjoy it 🙂

      All the best,


  12. Really enjoy working with this website with my advanced students. They really get talking and I just love the freshness of the lessons and the layout. This, along with jobs, are among our favorites!

  13. Unfortunately, this video is no longer available. I’ve looked for it on Youtube,but it seems to be taken down due to copyright issues.