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Film English Wins ELTons Award

Posted on May 27, 2013 by kierandonaghy


Film English has been awarded an ELTons for Innnovation in Teacher Resources at the 11th ELTon Awards ceremony which took place at Tavistock House in central London on Wednesday.

ELTONS 2013 - 4581

The ELTons, run by the British Council and sponsored by Cambridge ESOL,  are the only international awards that recognise and celebrate innovation in English language teaching. They reward educational resources that help English language learners and teachers to achieve their goals.  All candidates are judged by an independent panel of ELT experts, using the Delphi Technique.

ELTONS 2013 - 4791

Here is a  judge’s quote for Film English:


“A great resource for teachers which is organised extremely well. The lessons do promote critical thinking in the language classroom, and do encourage learners to reflect on values while learning a language.”

You can watch a video of the ceremony here.

Here is are two short video clip of me receiving the award and giving an interview afterwards.


Thank you to Mark Bain, my web designer, for making the Film English site look so beautiful, and to all the loyal subscribers and readers of Film English who have made this award possible.


119 thoughts on “Film English Wins ELTons Award

  1. Congratulations on your recent award Kieran. Your hard work and enthusiasm produces wonderful materials and ideas, the award is very well deserved.

  2. I’m so happy to see this wonderful resource and all your effort validated! Congratulations!

  3. Many congratulations!! I agree with the judges comments, it’s a super resource for teachers. A very well deserved award!!!
    Thank you for this resource.


  4. I’d have voted for film-english too. Your hard work has been a constant source of inspiration for me and my students. Many thanks! And congratulations!!!!

  5. You deserve it and you´re the only we all must thank about for being really generous with the rest of us.
    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your sharing with us!

  6. Congratulations, Kieran! Your great work certainly deserves public recognition! I have been using your lesson plans with my students and the results have been great!
    Thank you very much and congratulations again!

  7. A well deserved award. I love this site. Excellent to promote critical thinking. Well done Kieran! ( Irish as well!!)

  8. Ccongratulations Kieran, you more than deserve this with all your hardwork and value that you give to all of us in our profession. Well done!

  9. Congratulations! Well deserved indeed. Your lessons and ideas are an inspiration.

  10. Congratulations Kieran! A well deserved award for all the wonderful service you provide for us all.

  11. I am happy to know that your awesome work has received public recognition. Thanks for sharing so freely!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! You certainly deserve this award and all other awards that this innovative, very useful and superb site wins. Once again, thank you for your generosity of sharing all these wonderful ideas!!!!

  13. Congratulations.Teachers here find your clips inspiring. The lesson plans arent always followed by the teachers but the clips are nearly always adaptable.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  14. Well done! Your site is amazing. I’ve already used two of your guides and my students loved them. Thanks for sharing so openly. All the best,

  15. Congratulations – well deserved. Film English is my favourite site – organised, relevant resources, with sessions creatively put together.

  16. I have really enjoyed your site. It has helped me a lot with my classes and I think you deserved the award.

  17. Congratulations on your achievement! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing it and making things a little bit easier for all of us!

  18. Congratulations! this web site definitely deserves this award and more.
    The lessons and videos,here, helps me a lot to make my lesson more interesting and colourful.
    Thanks a lot.

  19. If anyone deserves this award, you do, Kieran. Congratulations (sometimes the right people do receive the honors!)

  20. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you as you really deserved this prize! And thanks for sharing your creative and original work! Best wishes!

  21. Nobody deserves that award more than you do! Congratulations and many thanks for your hard work.

  22. Congrats!
    You really save my time sharing this awesome resource! I use it in my EFL lessons. I only make Power Point presentations with tasks, pictures, links from your lesson plans. Lesson writing takes little time!
    Then my students try to do the tasks using web 2.0 services:,, and publish them on Edmodo platform.
    Thanks for being helpful and open to the teachers of the world!
    Best wishes,
    Lyudmila, an EFL teacher from Russia

    • Thanks a lot, Lyubmila. I really appreciate your kind words. It’s great to know you and your students find the lessons useful. Kieran

  23. A friend of mine told me about your site just a few months ago and I’ve already used some of your resources. my students loved all the lessons. So Congratulations for your work and thanks for sharing it with us. It was really a deserved award.
    Rosa from Portugal

  24. Your work is trully amazing. I’m really glad you were awarded the prize.




  26. Hi Kieran,

    Congratulations on your award!!! It couldn’t have been given to a more deserving person or worthy site. Absolutely awesome!!! Time to celebrate with some dark chocolate in the teachers’ room!!!

    • Hi Anna, Thanks so much for all your support. I’m so happy Film English inspires you, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. All the best, Kieran

  27. Congratulations!! You deserve it! Thank you so much for sharing your creative & useful work! Thank you for your generosity!
    Hugs from the south of Portugal.

  28. Congratulations and thankyou for providing me many hours of teaching material…

  29. A very well-deserved award. I have used a couple of activities with great results. Congratulations!

  30. Hey Kieran,
    Another well deserved award. Great to see you get the recognition you deserve. Thanks again for all your inspiring lessons.

  31. Thank you for all your effort, it helps me in my classes a lot. and students love watching your interesting and beautiful videos 🙂 thank you for such great help. and congratz of course

  32. Congratulations on a well-deserved award. Look forward to future Film English postings!

  33. Well done sir! I’ve been fan of your blog for a long time now. It encourages students to think critically and brings important world issues to light. Keep up the good work. Mike in Phuket.

  34. Congratulations Kieran on your well deserved recognition for a truly fabulous resource!! You truly brighten up my Friday afternoon classes and promote lively conversation among the students!! Thank you.

  35. Congratulations on the ELTon award. It is certainly well-deserved.

  36. Congratulations on a well-deserved award. Your activites have come in very useful for an online class I have – great to watch the video clips through Google Hangout and then do the discussion activities! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, David. I really appreciate all your support. I’m really happy the site was useful for you for the online course. Kieran

  37. A thoroughly deserved reward Kieran. This website is an invaluable resource and completely original. Keep it up!

    Josh, Granada.

  38. Hi there , thanks for mentioning your followers and users of your brilliant website. ( That includes me, which makes me feel I´m in the right path regarding EFL).
    Seriously, congratulations again, Kieran!


  39. Congratulations!!!!!You really deserve this award!!!!Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

  40. Congratulations, as everybody has said before you really deserve it, and thank you for all that fabulous stuff you share with us

  41. CONGRATULATIONS !!! A deserved award for a really brilliant work .
    Thank you so much !! Keep Up Kieran !!!!

  42. Well done! Thank you so much for sharing these resources. They really are great!