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Kieran writes extensively about the role of film in education and has so far authored or co-authored three books. please consider buying the books as royalties from sales help to keep Film English free.



Film in Action is part of the presigious and multi-awarding Delta Teacher Development Series. This groundbreaking methodology offers guidance on taking on the challenge of the digital revolution; insights into how learners engage with film inside and outside the classroom; advice on effectively bringing film into the language classroom; and guidance on how both teachers and students can create their own moving images.

It has over 100 highly practical activities which require little or no preparation that can be easily added to the repertoire of any busy teacher. All the activities have the common aim of helping learners practise and improve their English, covering all four language skills.

It highlights the educational benefits of not just watching moving images inside and outside the classroom, but also of creating moving images. It also looks at innovative ways of integrating moving images into the school system. Film in Action is available to buy at book stores or on Amazon.

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Film in Action has received excellent review from a number of journals, magazines and websites. Here are some of the reviewers comments:

“Film in Action is a wonderful resource for teachers seeking further ideas on how to exploit video
inside and outside the classroom with their learners.”

Martin Sketchley, EFL Magazine


“The author’s knowledge and enthusiasm shine through.”

Pete Sharma, EL Gazette


“If you want to seduce your students into playing with language through multi-media learning environments and film, then this book will blast you into a whole new world of possibilities.”

Silvia Guinan


“Film in Action is a practical guide for all those in education who believe in the educational advantages of moving images in language learning and who are looking for arguments to adopt this and for activities or inspiration to start doing it themselves.”

Mathy Vanbuel, Media and Learning News


Here are what teachers throughout the world are saying about Film in Action:


“I bought your book Film in Action about a year ago and instantly fell in love with it. I must say it is awesome! Well worth its price. I especially love the mini-chapter “Exploring new film genres” (I think I’m going to use “One-second films” soon in one of my classes). I recommend the book to anyone who wants to make their language lessons more interesting by using movies in a creative way.”

Pawel Jaśko, Poland


“I’m happy to say I finally got a copy of your book Film in Action – bravo! I was excited to buy it for the activities/lesson plans (I know DELTA always does a good job with that) but I was equally impressed with the kind of lit review and rationale for using short film – if I could go back in time and do my MA TESOL again, I’d change my dissertation topic to film/multiliteracies in a heartbeat, very interesting and timely topics. Anyways, keep up the good work!”

William Morley, Taiwan


“You can’t imagine how thoroughly both, students and myself are enjoying your amazing book. Thanks so much!!”

Luciana Jones, USA


“Just received your book “Film in Action”, and there are plenty of engaging ideas to use in the classroom. I’m glad I bought it!”

Suni Belliure, Spain


“I finished your wonderful book last week. Just want to say thanks for sharing your strategies. I’ve made my first video lesson based on your advice and it went over very well.”

John Wolcott, Thailand


“The book, like the site, is fantastic. I can recommend it to everyone else.”

Iain Struth, England


“I bought your book recently and have found it really useful for creating my own video based lessons, I’m sure I will be referring back to it for years to come.”

Amy-Jane Sadler, USA


“Already bought the book. The thing I like the most is that there are links to videos to suit the lesson plans, but if you are not too stretched time wise you can source your own clip to use with the plans.”

Damian Davies, Italy


“Let me tell you that I bought your book and found it excellent with very good ideas and very helpful and motivating.”

Mar Martín, Spain


“Congratulations on a great publication. It’s content is very well thought out and has a straightforward approach, and provides access to material for doing the tasks. I value the fact that it is concise, yet highly usable.”

Damian Davies, Italy

You can download the following reviews:

Martin Sketchley

EFL Magazine, June 2015 PDF

Pete Sharma

EL Gazette, July 2015 PDF

Mathy Vanbuel

Media & Learning Newsletter, July 2015 PDF

Sylvia Guinan

WizIQ Blog, March 2015 PDF





How to Write Film and Video Activities was co-authored with Anna Whitcher and published by ELT Teacher2Writer. In this innovative book Anna and I provide essential guidance on how to choose exploitable film and video for the purposes of writing film and video activities for the ELT classroom. We share our knowledge of the best sources of high-quality video and discuss criteria for selection, such as syllabus fit, language level, length, relevance and task potential. Once you’ve chosen a great video, we’ll show you how to write a variety of activities to exploit it.

Many teachers get in touch with me asking for advice about how they can write their own activities for films and videos they like, here in this ebook you have all the advice you’ll need to write your own fun, engaging and pedagogically sound film and video activities for your classes. Please consider buying this book as it helps to keep Film English completely free. You can buy the ebook on Amazon or Smashwords.


Films in Health Sciences Education


Films in Health Sciences Education co-authored with Teresa Icart combines the study of medical themes and film analysis. Subjects related to health care of interest to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and psychologists among others, are presented alongside an analysis of film language. Films in Health Sciences Education is addressed mainly to health-science teachers, but also caters for health professionals and can be used as a course book for health-science students. The objective of this book is to help health professionals and students enjoy, analyse, understand and learn about health sciences through film. Film in Action is available to buy at book stores or on Amazon.

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22 thoughts on “Kieran’s Film Books

  1. Films on Health Science Education, wow, I´m just using films and TV dramas to back up the learning process of english for medical purposes at Havana Medical University in Cuba, I´m happily surprised with your blog and your books specifically this one. We are extremely limited and we can´t buy the book on the web but who knows, maybe someday I can read it. Anyway, thanks a lot, it is a very interesting topic and medical students in Cuba love it.

      • Hi Kieran, thank you so much for this great website! I too have been using it for a while and I would like to purchase your book ‘Film in Action’. Is there an e-book version available? I live and work in Turkey and I cannott trust the mail service here!
        I’m also wondering if you would consider speaking at an ESL seminar in Turkey?
        Thanks for your response!

        • Hi Annie,
          Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment and for the kind words; I’m very happy you like the site so much. With regard to the book, there isn’t an ebook version at the moment – I’ll check with my publisher to see if they plan to publish one. I’d be delighted to give a seminar in Turkey- I’ll send you an email about it.
          All the best,

  2. Hi Kieran,
    Just received your book “Film in action”, plenty of engaging ideas to use in the classroom. I’m glad I bought it!
    And thank you for your great work online!

  3. Greetings from a fellow teacher! I found your website yesterday, and today I spent 4 hours browsing through the lessons (of course, most of that time was devoted to watching all those moving short movies). First of all, I wanted to thank you for setting up the site and sharing with all fellow teachers around the world, and all this for free, which is so rare in our present times (I think I can speak for most teachers visiting your website and downloading the materials – we all appreciate greatly the work you put into creating everything that is available here). I haven’t used any of the materials yet, but I noticed the blog posts in which you ask for donations – I wanted to send you a donation, but unfortunately I don’t have a paypal account. However, I checked my favorite online language bookshop and I’ve just ordered a copy of your book “Film in Action”. This is the least I can do to support your effort.

      • Hi! Today I finally received the package with your book, and I must say it is awesome! Well worth its price. I especially love the mini-chapter “Exploring new film genres” (I think I’m gonna use “One-second films” soon in one of my classes). I recommend the book to anyone who wants to make their language lessons more interesting by using movies in a creative way.

        • Hi Justice,
          Thanks very much for commenting and for the kind words about Film in Action, and also for recommending it to other teachers. . I’m very happy that find the book useful. Could I ask a favour? Would you mind writing a short review of the book on Amazon? All positive reviews help 🙂 Thanks a lot.
          All the best,

  4. Hi Kieran
    I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring workshop and talk at the ELT Conference in Malta last weekend. You may remember meeting me (English lady) and my colleague Mo (South African lady)!! We forced you to do a “pairwork” exercise with us in Candy’s workshop. Sharing things we were proud of!!! I have just ordered your book from Amazon and await it’s arrival with anticipation and excitement. The film clips you showed us really did move me and I hope, when I share these with my classes, they feel the same. I’m sure they will. Thanks for everything.

    • Hi Jean,

      It was lovely to meet you and Mo in Valetta. I really enjoyed talking to you. I remember how positive you both were 🙂
      Thanks a so much for buying my book,; I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it.
      By the way, if either of you are interested in joining the Visual Arts Circle just drop me a line at

      All the best,


  5. Hello Kieran,
    Coming out of a Tesol conference in Thessaloniki just yesterday, I was reminded of Film English by one of the presenters. I remembered how inspiring your talk and workshop were a few years ago in Thessaloniki. I have just ordered your book from The Book Depository and cannot wait to get it. Thank you for everything!

  6. How do you do,Kiran.
    Your work has been an inspiration for me for the three years I’ve been working as a teacher and it helps to fulfill many vital issues but one of the most important for me is to help my students fall in love with the language and classes and for that I am greatful to you, sir.
    However, I have a question for you – is there any way I can get an E- version of your book since I live in Russia and it would take a lot of time to receive it? Thank you

    • Hi Maxim,

      Thanks so much for commenting sand for your kind words which I really appreciate. I’m very happy to know that the lessons help you with your teaching and that your students enjoy them too. My publisher is going to publish an ebook version soon so you should be able to buy it soon.

      All the best,


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