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My New How To Write Film Activities Book

I’m delighted that my new ebook How to Write Film and Video Activities co-authored with Anna Whitcher has been released by ELT Teacher2Writer. In this innovative and ground-breaking book Anna and I provide essential guidance on how to choose exploitable film and video for the purposes of writing film and video activities for the ELT classroom. We share our knowledge of the best sources of high-quality video and discuss criteria for selection, such as syllabus fit, language level, length, relevance and task potential. Once you’ve chosen a great video, we’ll show you how to write a variety of activities to exploit it.


Many teachers get in touch with me asking for advice about how they can write their own activities for films and videos they like, here in this ebook you have all the advice you’ll need to write your own fun, engaging and pedagogically sound film and video activities for your classes. Please consider buying this book as it helps to keep Film English completely free. You can buy the ebook on Amazon or Smashwords.


You can download this promotional information about the ebook – how to write film and video activities promotion

I hope you enjoy the book.



12 comments on “My New How To Write Film Activities Book

  1. I’ll certainly be taking a look. Best of luck and well done!

    1. Hi Abena,
      Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoy the book.
      All the best,

  2. Oh – no preview! Is it coming?

    1. Hi Abena,

      You can read a preview on the Amazon page, there’s a little to it in the post.

      1. Ah I see. I need to actually download the sample to my Kindle before I can read the preview. Normally you can preview from the Amazon page without downloading. In any case, no bother. Thanks!

        1. I didn’t know that, Abena. I hope you can download it without problems.

  3. Robert Sellick says:

    Great to see your presentation at TESOL conference in sunny Salamanca. Certainly your treatments on Film English have geared up my classes. Having the book will give me mechanics to tackle preparation.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed my session in Salamanca and I hope you find the book useful.
      All the best,

  4. Awesome! I’m certainly gonna buy it. However, is there a PDF version? or only kindle?

    Is there another book will be published soon by you about the same topic?
    I read 2 weeks ago on this website that there will be a book published in April, by a publisher called ‘delta’ or something. I can’t remember the exact details and I tried to search for that post but couldn’t find it.

    thank you!

    1. Hi Ahmad,
      You can buy it in another electronci format at Smashwords

      My other new book Film in Action will be on Amazon at the end of April. Here’s a link to DELTA’s website where you can find more information about the book.

      I hope you find the books useful.
      All the best,

  5. Congratulations on a great Training publication. It’s content is very well thought out and has a straightforward approach, and provides access to material for doing the tasks. I value the fact that it is concise, yet highly usable.

    1. Hi Damien,
      Thanks a lot for commenting and for your kind words about the book. I’m really happy that you find it useful and practical.
      All the best,

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