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This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by Lara Lee for The School of Life titled Success, and the theme of the nature of success. Students talk about success, watch a short film, and read a transcript.   … Continue reading



This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by The Mercadantes which explores how beauty can be found in the most seemingly mundane objects, and the theme of colours. Students revise colours, come up with objects of a certain … Continue reading



This EFL lesson is designed around a stop motion animation titled Curiosity: Exploration and Discovery by Georgina Venning which brings visual life to the words from a talk by author Ian Leslie based on his book Curious: The Desire to … Continue reading



This EFL lesson is designed around a moving short film by Brett and Mick , and the themes of texting and elderly people. Students discuss texting, write instructions, predict how a short film ends, read a film review and write … Continue reading



This EFL lesson is designed around a beautifully animated short film written, directed and illustrated by artist Celia Bullwinkel titled Sidewalk that portrays a woman’s journey through the passage of time. In the lesson talk about the various stages of … Continue reading

Mind the Gap

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This EFL lesson plan is designed around a moving and poignant short film by Luke Flanagan titled Mind the Gap. Students watch the first part of the film speculate and predict how it is going to end, read an article … Continue reading