Film Links

Here are some useful cinema related websites:

Film Guides

ESL Notes

Raymond Weschler is a teacher who creates amazing film guides for EFL teachers and students. The guides consist of a synopsis of the film, a list of the main characters, explanations of the most difficult vocabulary and colloquial language, cultural references and discussion questions. These are the best film guides I’ve seen on the Internet. Guides are in Word, PDF and HTML formats.

Film Education

Film Education is part of the British Film Institute and they produce excellent film guides for primary and secondary school children many of which can be used with older EFL students. All the guides are in PDF format.


Film Scripts

Drew’s Scrip-o-rama

Hundreds of film scripts to download.

Daily Script

Another excellent site with links to hundreds of free, downloadable movie scripts and screenplays.



The Movie Sound Page

This site has sound clips from hundreds of movies, from The Lord of the Rings to The Wizard of Oz.

Listen to a Movie

1,457 movies that you can listen to.



The Lecturer’s EFL Smart Blog

A great site created by David Mainwood who provides film clips, lesson plans and printable worksheets to practise grammar through fun and motivating exercises. The site is regularly updated with new activities.


General  Film Websites

The Film Site

An award-winning website which has excellent sections on the 100 greatest films of the 20th century, Best Film Quotes, Best Film Kisses, Scariest Movie Moments and much more.

The Internet Movie Database

The internet bible for many film buffs, a very comprehensive site. This site contains reviews of hundreds of movies, plus biographies of actors, directors, and others involved in film.


Film Schools

The New York Film Academy

The most important film and acting school in New York based on the principle of “doing by learning.”

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