Film Language E-H


The joining together of clips of film into a single filmstrip. The cut is a simple edit but there are many other possible ways to transition from one shot to another.

Here is part of a documentary which explains the work of a film editor.


film/movie buff

A film enthusiast.

Here is a short film which explains how to become a film buff.


Flashback / Flashforward

A jump backwards or forwards in diegetic  time. With the use of flashback / flashforward the order of events in the plot no longer matches the order of events in the story. Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941) is a famous film composed almost entirely of flashbacks and flashforwards. The film timeline spans over 60 years, as it traces the life of Charles Foster Kane from his childhood to his deathbed — and on into the repercussions of his actions on the people around him. Some characters appear at several time periods in the film, usually being interviewed in the present and appearing in the past as they tell the reporter of their memories of Kane.

Here is part of documenary discussing the importance of Citizen Kane.



Focus refers to the degree to which light rays coming from any particular part of an object pass through the lens and reconverge at the same point on a frame of the film negative, creating sharp outlines and distinct textures that match the original object. “Out of focus” means the images are blurred and lack acceptable linear definition.

In Deconstructing Harry by Woody Allen the main character is deliberately shot out of focus.


Freeze frame

A device which allows you to pause the film and freeze the image. One of the most famous uses of freeze frame is the final shot in Truffuat’s 400 Blows.



Types of film recognized by audiences and/or producers. These types are distinguished by narrative or stylistic conventions.

Here is short clip of the American Film Institute’s Top 10 films by genre.


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