Kieran Donaghy is an experienced speaker and trainer who has given talks and workshops in many countries. If you would like Kieran to present, give a workshop or talk at your event then please contact him at


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  1. Wow!!
    What an amazing job! I’m preparing some student for the CAE Exam. They will really love it.
    Thank you very much for sharing!!.
    David del Río

  2. Do you accept donations? If so, you should post a donation link here! You do great work and I really love your lessons for my classes!

    • Hi Christina,
      Thanks a lot for commenting and for your lovely feedback. I’ve considered putting a donation link on the home page as the site costs money and I spend a lot of time on the posts. Donations would help to cover some of the costs.

      • Dear Kieran

        Christina is so right! I admire your input and the ability to combine different language skills in one lesson. The students love it. Needless to say I have just ordered your book on Amazon…

  3. “Validation” is the best educational film I’ve ever seen.I’ve been teaching English for more than 20 years and strongly believe that it’s impossible to teach any subject(I mean Language,History, even Maths) without teaching warm attitude towards other people – no matter how it happens.You give me (as a teacher) a great opportunity of using this film during my lessons.Thanks a lot!!! God bless you! You are really sharing not only educational but humane and positive-thinking way of teaching as well.

    • Hi Tatiana,
      Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate them. I completely agree with you when you say we should help students see the worth of values such as empathy and compassion.
      All the best,

  4. Hi Kieran,

    Your site looks amazing! I work for a for-profit English language school in Sydney. We’re trying our best to adhere to Copyright and Screenrights law and as a consequence teachers are finding that there are very few videos they can use on Youtube etc, even TED can’t really be used by for-profit organisations.

    Can you clarify what the copyright situation is for the videos on this site? Can I direct our teachers here to use the videos and lesson plans in class even though we are a for-profit company (please say yes!)?

    Many thanks,


  5. Hi! This is a great job!!!!! I want to ask you do you know where can I find some film lessons for the elementary or begginers adults? Thank you very much!!!!!! Josefina from Argentina.

  6. Kieren!! THANK YOU for your amazing lesson plans!! They are inspiring, interesting, informative and everything else. So Fun!! I would pay to be able to access your material. It’s really good and different from the usual stuff!! Breath of fresh air!!
    Thank you!!!

  7. Just to say thanks for your amazing lessons. They are so wonderful and have saved my life on many occasions. I used one yesterday and am about to use another one this morning. Thank you thank you thank you.

  8. Film English has to be my favourite resource website – well structured lessons and great films. I used “Paperman” with my students on Valentines Day and they loved it.

    • Hi Jennie,
      Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment and for your kind words about the site, I’m really honoured that Film English is your favourite resource site. 🙂
      All the best,

  9. I have never seen anything like this! Honestly, I have found myself impatiently waiting for another lesson plan :), another great video, some new ideas … Keep up the great work, you are a true inspiration to all of us who teach and love English (greetings from Serbia)!

  10. Hi Kieran,
    Just recently came upon your site…and am thoroughly enjoying it! I love the films and lessons! Did the “be happy” class with a group the other day and read the book “The gift of nothing” by Patrick McDonnell afterwards which tied in really well. Great to see the Ken Robinson one up. It’s funny because I’ve been using that and other TED talks for a couple of years now and everyone seems to get something out of them.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.
    From the very wet Garrotxa!

    • HI Ellen,
      Thanks a lot for commenting and for your kind words about the site. I’m really happy you like it so much. I’ll check out The Gift of Nothing. By the way, has it stopped raining in La Garrotxa? 🙂
      All the best,

  11. Hi Kieran,
    I attended your conference a week ago in Madrid and wanted to ask you about some copyright questions about your blog. Can I embed your videos ( Since I see there is the option) and some of your “activities sheets” to my blog for my students? It is not the whole lesson plan because it is not possible but just parts of it. How should I do it? Do I just mention your site on each of the activities I embed?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Andrea,
      You can embed the worksheets, but please acknowledge tha tit comes from Film English and add a link to the appropriate lesson the the site.
      All the best,

  12. Thank you SO MUCH, Kieran!
    Really great job! Amazing lesson plans… Saves teachers A LOT OF time and makes great lessons at the same time!

  13. Hallo Kieran,

    Thank you so much for your web-side. We are considering to open an Movie Club at English school in Brazil. Your GREAT WORK is a blessing from the Universe!!!! THANK YOU soooooo much!!!!


    • Hi Vladamira,
      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I’m really happy the site will help your Movie Club. I hope the club is a great success, let me know how it goes.
      All the best,

  14. Wow, wow, wow! I love your page, the style, the posts, the clips, everything about it! I tried to subscribe but I was in a loop… bummer! The exercises are amazing and make me think so many things! You are the best! I am so glad I bumped into this page. Thanks a lot for what you did here! Abraços!

  15. Hi Kieran,

    I’m a fairly new teacher who has just stumbled across your site today in search of some lessons based on short films. What a wonderful resource! I meant to plan a lesson quickly this afternoon but ended up spending about three hours reading all your plans and watching many of the videos. I had no idea how many fantastic short films there are out there for us to use. So I just wanted to say thanks for the time and effort you obviously put in to producing this website. I promise a donation at a later date when I am less impoverished :/ I’m looking forward to trying out your Paperman lesson tomorrow.

    All the best

    Liz Rowing

    • Hi Liz,
      Thanks very much for commenting and for your kind words about the site. I’m really happy that you like the lessons so much and that you think they’re going to help you with your teaching. Please let me know how they go with your students.
      All the best,

  16. Dear Kieran,

    I have a blog and I’m supporting a group of Italian teachers that have to be tested for B1 level. What I’m trying to do is giving them tools and suggestions for selflearning, because I think teachers are able to do that, considering that in this moment in Italy the government is not investing much money on school and teachers need to increase their knowledge of English.

    I am one of your followers and I like your lessons because they are various, engaging and motivating.
    Considering that my target is “teachers”, and I want to increase their motivation too, have got any suggestion? I agree that videos are very powerful (I used your “Be happy” video in a post :), I hope it’s not a problem for you), but is there a way to use them efficaciously in a self learning process?

    All the best

    Marina Prete

  17. Hi Kieran,

    We met briefly at the Macmillan Teachers’ Day in Madrid a month or two ago and among other things, we talked about the upcoming Eltons Award presentation.

    I am so excited for you for having won it. You deserve it! I’ve been using the site in my classes and it has certainly added a little extra spice to them.

    I hope that you continue the amazingly useful and well-planned lessons you’ve been uploading on this site and that you now have time to begin other projects you may have been thinking about.

    Again, congratulations ‘mil veces’ for the award and hopefully we’ll have the chance to meet again in the future.

    All my best,

    Donna Fields

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks very much for commenting. Of course, I remember meeting you in Madrid. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m really happy you like the lessons so much and that they’ve helped you in your teaching. I’m sure we’ll get to meet again 🙂
      All the best,

  18. Kieran, I was looking for a website that classified films according to language level (a1-2, b1-2 etc) but never found one. However, in the process I came across your website and was delighted with the lesson on food. It was very engaging for my 16 year old (a1) students, so thanks a lot!

    Have you ever come across a classification of films by English level? I’m sure it would be of great interest to English teachers. I’d like to suggest films for my students to watch (Hollywood or otherwise) but obviously they need to be within the range of their current level of English.

    In any case, keep up the good work!
    Daniel, Sri Lanka

  19. Congratulations with the price you won! I am still and will always be a fan of your site, that I keep using with my students! You are a genius and helping us making the class fun and interactive, and the children loooove it too 🙂
    BR – Céline from DK 😉

  20. Hello, I work in a Chinese university, unfortunately the sites that host the video part of the lessons are banned over here. Most blog and social sites are.

    Is there anywhere else that I can download the file from.


  21. Hello Kierann,
    Firstly you have a cool site and I have used the 3×3 film several times and my students found it really interesting. I have tried to subscribe several times but seem to have registered to instead, but am not quite sure how. I keep on trying but to no avail. Please could you advise me what to do.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Neil,
      Thanks for letting me know about the subscription problem. I haven’t had any other reports of this issue, but I’m looking into it now. I’m going to speak to my web master and see if he can identify the problem.
      All the best,

  22. Hi Kieran,

    Such a great resource for more creative and interactive lessons! Could you recommend a good one for stress & intonation with an advanced student?


    • Hi Nicky,
      You’re welcome. Thanks a lot for the kind words. I’m really happy the lessons so much and I hope your students like them too. I’m sorry, but I haven’t got any lessons which work on stress and intonation.
      All the best,

  23. Hi Kieran,

    what a great resource for more creative and interactive lessons.
    thanks a lot.
    day before yesterday while browsing through ur site I saw art of deduction way of learning models.
    as I am new to this, can u plz guide me how to go once again to the lessons.

    • Hi Sud,
      You’re welcome. Thanks a lot for the kind words. I’m really happy the lessons so much and I hope your students like them too.If you want to look for lessons just click on Film Lessons in the left menu, go to the categories menu or alternatively use the search option.
      All the best,

  24. Dear Kieran

    I have used quite a few of your lessons in my ESL classes here in Taiwan. I love to encourage my students to think and talk more, and the videos you use help achieve that goal perfectly.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  25. Hi Kieran,
    Firstly, many thanks for your excellent work! I came across your site some time ago but haven’t yet used your lessons in my classes, mainly due to lack of internet access. Now that our little school is ‘wired’ I’m going to take the plunge this coming week with the lesson ‘My shoes’!
    I’m wondering if you have a lesson dealing with the topic ‘a missed opportunity’ or know of a short film along that line. I’d like to tie it in to a story out of the Oxford Bookworm series book, ‘Land of my Childhood’. Or, if you can just point me in the right direction, I will hunt for what I need myself- I’m an absolute newbie in the world of film, especially on internet, and would be grateful for a quick tip!
    Thanks again and all the best!

  26. I think this is the most wonderful website I’ve ever come across!I’ve been working with your activities for two years now and I’ve always felt great when using them.
    I really want to thank you for being so generous and sharing all your work with us. you are a great inspiration and help me keep my enthusism for teaching.
    There’s one video I really love and I wanted to share it with you: “LIVE YOUR DREAM AND SHARE YOUR PASSION”. You have probably seen it before, but, just in case you haven’t, that’s the link:
    I’m sure you could work out a wonderful lesson with it.
    Thanks again for everything.XXX

    • Hi Marga,
      Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate them, it’s great to know you like the site so much.

      I’ve already got a lesson designed around Manifesto. Great minds think alike. 🙂
      All the best,

  27. It’s me again! I knew it!! Surfung your web again I’ve just found the video I told you. The activity is called “Manifesto” and, of course, you managed to exploit it in a beautiful way. You are amazing!

  28. Dear Kieran, I have been using your ‘silent’ films in my EAL (English as an Additional Language) classes in High School, UK with foreign students coming from many different countries to settle here.
    Many have no English, some do but the use of silent films helps in so many ways … writing notes in their own language for translation. It’s useful for summaries, film reviews, for the elements of story-telling.
    I just love them – so do the kids!
    Please do keep producing these wonderful ‘silent’ gems!
    Thanx Chrissy

  29. Hello, I love everything, the films, the lessons and the site itself, the colours ! It’s a most interesting and beautiful site. I follow your activity although, as I teach younger students, I seldom use it.
    May I just note a mistake in the last lesson about London : you’ve written “If you haven’t been to London, what would you
    like to do their?” their instead of there. I just mention it because you probably want to correct it.
    Thanks for everything and long live your site ! Marielle

  30. Hi Kieran,
    Thanks again for your beautiful lessons.
    As I have told you before, I am a devoted user of your lesson plans and I always search for inspiration in your web. I am now looking for any lesson in which students have practice on relative clauses and it’s use, but, as lessons are not classified according to grammatical content (although I know you always add it as an information) I wanted to ask you if you could suggest any activity in particular.
    I also want to colaborate with your webpage, so, please let me now what the best way to do it is.
    Thanks again!

  31. Dear Kieran. I really don’t know who you are but I’m sure that you r sent here to remind all of us about the main things. To remind the teachers about the real goals and aims of each of their lessons. I used to feel so tired of teaching. Now I really feel what I do. It’s you who has helped me. I will never give up any more!I can’t even say THANK U as it seem nothing. sorry that I can;t really donate. I’m a teacher from Ukraine. Got a daughter and elderly parents. Try to do my best to help them. Thanks again for the power you gave me.

    • Dear Tatiana,
      It’s a pleasure. Thanks a lot for commenting and for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. It’s great to know the lessons have helped you and impacted on your teaching. Don’t worry about donating, you have more important priorities.
      All the best,

  32. Hi Kieran,

    I want to THANK you for your hard work and your ideas: you’ve inspired me!
    I just spent three hours planning a lesson on narrative tenses for next week and I used the short film We’ve all been there.
    I would still be looking for documents if it weren’t for the GREAT lesson you did on that short film.
    Many thanks
    Warm regards from Sydney, Australia

  33. Hello Kieran,

    First of all, a huge THANK YOU for all your wonderful lesson plans.
    As this is International Women’s Week,I came here looking for a short film on violence against women. You have already covered topics such as bullying, homophobia etc., but apparently not this topic.Perhaps you couldn’t find a film?
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Anne,
      Thanks a lot for the kind words; I’m really happy you like the site.
      The reason I haven’t covered the topic is that I never think that I’m going to do a lesson on a particular subject and then look for a film to design the lesson around. I wait until I see a film I really like and then I design a lesson around it. I think this is partly the reason for the success of Film English, the whole process is very organic and I only use films I love. I haven’t seen any films on violence against women which I would like to use. As soon as I come across such a film I’ll do a lesson on it.
      All the best,

  34. Kieran,

    Thank you again for your wonderful site. I often use your ressources even with young students.
    A question : I would like to find the New Boy script and I can’t find it. I’ve been looking for it on many different sites and with at least two search engines. Is the script available on the net ?
    Thank you
    Best regards

  35. Hi Kieran!
    I am an EFL teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been using many of the activities you shared, and it’s been a wonderful experience so far. My students become motivated and engaged and, in many cases, discussion has triggered a number of spin-off projects.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work, and especially for your generosity!

  36. Hi Kieran,

    I just think that the lesson you have planned are intersting and easy to follow. We are using them at a conversation club we run every week at our language centre in Astana. The students are engaged and I would like to thank you for the effort and time you put into this.


    Marcelo Lopez

  37. I can only say that I attended your conference in Porto, at APPPI, I was was one of the many that were standing. I already subscribe your post and many short films have been seen by my students. Thank you, what you do is fantastic, increases students’ participation in class, it is a time-saver for me, your selection is thought provoking and meaningful.
    At the end of your conference you presented different sites with short films, unfortunately I couldn’t write them down. As promised, could you send them by email?
    I also sent you an invite for facebook networking. Will you accept?
    Thannk you again. All the best, from Portugal.

  38. Hi Kieran,

    First, I’d like to thank you for this site. To my mind it’s really helpful and outstanding one!
    But also I want to ask you for some advice. You know I’ve always been interested in using different types of video (such as films, trailers, commercials, interviews, TV programmes etc.) and music in my ESL classroom. Now I’ve got some experience in this field and there’s an idea in my head to create a similar blog for sharing my materials with other ESL teachers. But I’m not good at law. So, the big question for me is how to do it legally (all that licences and copyrights are just terms for me). How or/and where do you take videos and music to embed on your site without breaking the low?
    I’m looking forward to your advice!
    Thanks for your reply in advance.
    Best regards,


  39. Hi Love the site and access it regularly. Its class!
    I have a prob with fear of flying lesson. There is no vid. Can you advise please
    Thanks in advance

  40. Hi Kieran,

    I just made a very small donation to your web and I really want to thank you for your work. As a secondary English teacher in Spain I find your videos extremely useful, meaningful, motivating and deeply beautiful. Keep up the good work, we need more good people in the future. Thank you again.

  41. Hi Kieran,
    I just watched this short movie and thought it’s got to be a lesson. I may try to create my own, but wondered what you might do with it:–9wUJiOI

    It’s called ‘Caution: Wet Floor’, is pretty dark in humour and might be a bit near the knuckle for a lot of classes, but it made me laugh. Hope you enjoy it.

    All the best,

  42. I love your lessons and try to integrate them whenever I can. I searched the site, but couldn’t find any films connected with success or failure. Are there any? THANKS!

  43. Dear Kieran,

    Even though I never really get the chance to use your film lessons since I teach young learners, your blog is a source of great inspiration.
    Now I’m preparing a workshop for teenagers for the British Council at Belgrade Book Fair and I just couldn’t decide which lesson to choose, they are so inspiring, motivating and meaningful. So I checked the Vimeo site and found a great short film called “Touch the sky” which I’ll use to create my own lesson plan. Thank you so much for inspiration and beautiful ideas.
    Hope to see you soon at one of the conferences. Keep up the good work and thanks again 🙂


    • Hi Bozica,
      Thanks a lot for commenting and for the kind words. I’m glad the site has inspired you 🙂 I hope the lesson and presentation go well. I’m sure we’ll see each other at another conference soon.
      All the best,

  44. Hi Kieran,

    I love Film English and really appreciate all the great work you’ve done. My students and I are certainly thankful for this wonderful resource. Happy to donate to your site and look forward to what you do in the future.

  45. Hello,
    I live and teach in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Vimeo website has been blocked for some months now by the main Internet distributor, First Media. I’ve complained to this provider, which follows a government regulation which argues that some of the content of Vimeo is unacceptable (read pornography), but to no avail.
    I love your lesson plans around videos. How can I access them?

    Please help.

  46. Hello,
    Thanks for your reply. I cannot see the article on how to access Vimeo in Indonesia. Please give me a link.


  47. Dear Kieran,

    Thank you for your wonderful work, it’s a real help for us language teachers all around the world. I’ve been using your ideas on my English, but on my French classes as well.
    A nice little film which I can very well imagine on your website:
    It’s about a little boy, who does household chores to save time for his mother so she could come to see the play he’s in at school. It’s a touching story, and I’m sure it can be used in many different ways, I’ll think about some, but maybe if you are looking for another idea/video, here’s one (I can imagine you already have a long waiting list of these…)
    Best regards,

    • Dear Katalin,
      Thanks very much for commmenting and for the kind words. It’s great to know that teachers of other languages are using Film English. Thanks for the link to the film; it’s really great and I think I’ll plan a lesson around it.
      All the best,

  48. Hallo Kieran,

    Is it possible to send just some parts of the Selfie video, I mean, the initial phrases .I couldn`t get them.
    What is Kirsten saying on the phone when the video starts? I `m having a little trouble with the dialogues.

    • Hi Elias,
      I’m sorry, but I haven’t got time to transcribe the videos, but this is more or less what she says at the beginning:

      “I’m fine with that,. It’s all good. I’ve got shit all over this (referring to dirt on her sweater)”

      I hope this helps.


  49. Wow, I am impressed with the depth of these free lesson plans! Bravo!

    I’ve just written up the site on Free Language (online since 2006), please take a look and I hope this helps to spread the word about your ongoing, free and high-quality resources for English educators and motivated self-learners.

    Keep up the excellent work, Kieran.

  50. Hi Kieran,

    First off, I’d like to say thanks for your excellent site. It’s been an inspiration for both myself when it comes to developing lessons, and my students who have enjoyed the topics and clear staging that comes with your lesson plans.

    As a result of being inspired by great sites like yours, I’ve got my own up started!

    Would it be ok to take material from your site and adapt it so it’s workable for student self-study? – crediting you as the material author of course. I know I could adapt things to avoid plagarism, but the way you stage your classes and the content itself would be hard to improve on, and it’s really a question of putting the exercises such as gap-fills into an interactive quiz format.
    If you’d like to have a look at the sort of thing I´m doing, here’s an example from my site:


    The idea of the site is to offer free content to students which can also be used off-the-page by teachers too for their classes. I’d be really grateful for any feedback, and look forward to hearing from you.


    Luke Guilfoyle

    • Hi Luke,
      Thanks a lot for commenting. I’m glad you like the lessons. With regard to using material from the site I would only agree if it was a very limited number of lessons. I don’t see the benefit to me of another site using exactly the same films and similar activities even I am credited.
      All the best,

    • Hi Omar,

      Thanks for the kind words; I really appreciate them.

      I’ve checked out the short and it’s great! I might well do a lesson designed around it.

      All the best,


  51. Hi, man! I admire your work! I used one of your lesson plans for the previous class and I was now looking for some more ideas. I got interested in “Real Beauty” class idea but I couldn’t find the handout that you mention about 5 main criticism to the commercial.

  52. Kieran, I’ve found this interesting short film on Vimeo that you might be interested in. It’s called “Mind the Gap”, and it tells a a short and moving story based on actual events ( One aspect of grammar that could be practiced based on it would be expressing probablility with the use of modal verbs may, might, could, must. Possible topics for discussion: loneliness, the power of human voice, memories…

    Best regards.

  53. as I have already stated, AWESOME website!

    I was checking some of your old lessons and I think some of the links in these lessons are dead:

    many thanks

  54. Like everyone else who comments, your lessons really are amazing. The student centered approach is fantastic, but the defining qualities are that they are thought provoking in term’s of spirituality and social consciousness. Being able incorporate these issues into teaching should become a primary goal of every teacher. Your truly an inspiration, thank you Andrew

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  56. I attended your workshop at MaWSIG’s PCE day at the Manchester Conference. Like the rest of the presenters on that day, you gave a thoroughly entertaining and useful talk. I was wondering if I could get any slides from the day.


  57. I would like to make a one-off payment to support the site, as I have found it really useful, but I do not know exactly how I can do it.
    Would you tellme how I can do it?

    • Hi Ana,
      You can make a one-off payment using PayPal; there’s a link to it on each lesson. if you can’t donate through paypal, please let me know. Thanks for your support.
      All the best,

  58. I’ve just ordered your book Film in Action: Teaching language using moving images. I can’t wait till it arrives. Thank you for the great work you do.

  59. Good morning,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful lesson plans.
    I live in Brazil and would love to buy the book Film Action. How do I go about this?


  60. I really like your site and I often use your film lessons in my classes.
    Any plans for something Christmas related?
    Thank you.

  61. First of all I would like to extend thanks to you for your great work! Your methodology, book, lesson plans and site are remarkable! You’re the best!

  62. Thank you for all your wonderful tips! I have just ordered your book and I’m looking forward to your next stimulating ideas!

  63. Dear Kieran,
    I am admiring your lesson plans and so are my students. They respond really excitedly every time I deliver lessons I took from your FilmEnglish. Unfortunately, vimeo site is now banned in Indonesia for an insecure-content reason. That’s the saddest part ever. Kieran, would you please kindly design lessons based on Youtube videos too?

    Ermerawati – Indonesia

    • Hi Ermerawati,
      Thanks very much for commenting. I’m delighted you and your students enjoy the lessons so much. Unfortunately, I can’t design lessons based on YouTube videos as I prefer using the short films onVimeo. However, you can search on YouTube to see if they’ve got the same short films I use
      All the best,

  64. I’m a recently qualified ESL teacher in London and your wonderful website makes my job even more enjoyable than it already is. You’re a superstar – thank you!!

  65. Hi Kieran,

    I’d love to contribute with a one-off payment. I do it through bank transfer BUT not online. Please, could you let me know the IBAN number or any other code that I need to know in order to be able to do the bank transfer (at the bank)?

    Many thanks and I’m starting to go through your magnificient materials. I will comment on them later as I need to go thoroughly into them.

    Wish you well.


  66. It is hard to thank you just in words. You have done a great job. I live and work in Turkey. Your work doesn’t just improve my students English but they also touch their view on many aspects of life. I used them for discussions, speaking and even writing exercises. Thank you.

  67. Excellent, highly motivating teaching suggestions. Even for old folks like me who have been in the profession for ages (in my case 33 years).
    In fact, I have just ordered your book!

  68. Hello
    just to say that I have just ordered the book. It is so rare to find truly useful and quality resources and for free on the net. Kieran really has an excellent sense of pedagogy. I can
    ‘t begin to imagine how much timee it must take to prepare all these resources. What I know is that it has and will continue to save me time! So it’s time I stop being a scrounger!
    Thank you so much

  69. Hi Kieran,

    I’ve been using your resources for my English lessons in China and just wondered if you have your Film in Action book available as an ebook?

    Thank you

  70. Hi Kieran!
    I am currently a student working for my master thesis on Teaching English. Just recently came upon your website. Even though I am not an experienced teacher, I am actually accomplishing my professional practice part of the master in a high school. I am amazed by your great job. Your lesson plans are absolutely wonderful and useful. But, the best part is that your work deals with my master thesis topic: The use of film to promote language learning skills. I have been searching during this time for books, articles and other materials that is why I came across this website. I would be very very grateful if you would provide me with any advice on how to conduct my study(idea or material). Many thanks for your time and enormous work done! Soon I will use it with my future students.( greetings from Albania)
    Yours sincerely

    • Hi Xhesika,

      Thanks so much for commenting sand for your kind words which I really appreciate. I’ll send you an email with materials and links which may help you with your thesis.

      All the best,


  71. Thank you for such a well designed and well thought out labour of love! I have just come across your site today and I love it. I have already made a donation and I will continue peruse the site and leave donations in the future as I use it.

    It clearly is a labour of love and as an autistic teacher I absolutely love how it is set out, how the lesson plans are set out and how everything is so intuitive for me. It all works so well! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks so much for commenting sand for your kind words which I really appreciate. Thank you for your generous donation too. I really hope your students enjoy the lesson.

      All the best,


  72. Dear Kieran,
    are you coming to University of Valencia any time soon?
    Keep up with the good work!
    Best regards,

    • Dear Jelena,
      Thanks for the kind words. I was in Elche in March, but haven’t got plans to speak at the University of Valencia in the near future, unless your university would like to contract me to speak there 😉
      All the best,

  73. Dear Kieran,

    I’m a teacher trainee for English in secondary education from Germany and have just found out about your website. Thank you very much for your great work and the manifold inspiration!

    I’ve also just purchased your book and hope you’ll profit from the purchase appropriately!

    All the best,

  74. Stumbled across your website by accident as I was trying to find some nice meaty lessons. I have done a few but the one about blind people was excellent. Preparing lessons can be time consuming – here you have everything ready thanks for the website it has made my lessons very interesting.


  75. Dear Keiran,

    Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so much. Your website has given me many lesson ideas to adapt to my own context (as an IB Language & Literature teacher in Pakistan). It is an absolute joy to use these free (!!) resources because:

    1. I’m a spontaneous planning kind of teacher – I can’t have didactic lesson plans weeks before I teach. Your website is accessible enough that quick planning becomes a breeze.
    2. as I am a big proponent of visual literacy (and very much a visual learner myself) all the speaking, listening and viewing tasks are in-sync with my methods. My classes come alive.

    Thanks once again, and I will definitely be making a donation soon.


  76. Hi! From one educator to another, I would just like to give a heartfelt thank you for providing such wonderful resources. It’s folks like you, who give their time and energy into crafting such resources, that truly make this a wonderful industry to be part of.

    I train TESOL teachers and also teach students of all ages at ground zero level (in the classroom) and frequently make use of and reference your website. Keep up the good work!

  77. I am wondering if it is possible to buy a copy of “The Image”. Your photo shows them, but I have not been able to find a retailer who stocks them. I would be keen to get a paper copy rather than the digital version. Thanks!

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