This lesson is based on a beautiful short film called Signs by Patrick Hughes about communication. Students speak about communication, watch a short film and write a composition about improving their communication.   I would ask all teachers who use Film … Continue reading

Mind the Gap

This EFL lesson plan is designed around a moving and poignant short film by Luke Flanagan titled Mind the Gap. Students watch the first part of the film speculate and predict how it is going to end, read an article … Continue reading


This EFL lesson plan is designed around 2 short films: Paperman an Oscar-nominated short by John Kahrs and Signs an award winning film by Patrick Hughes. Students write a narrative, predict a story and use adjectives to describe characters and … Continue reading

On Time

This EFL lesson is designed around a short film called On Time by Ted Chung in which a travelling salesman sells the future. Students describe an image, predict a story, watch a short film, speaking about time and write a … Continue reading

Mankind is no Island

This EFL lesson is around a beautiful short film called Mankind is No Island directed by Jason Van Genderen, and the themes of homelessness and empathy. The film presents a poignant reminder of the continuing reality of homelessness in the city. Shot in … Continue reading