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A film-making Competition to Celebrate the Publication of My New Book Film in Action

Posted on May 5, 2015 by kierandonaghy


I’m delighted that my new book Film in Action has been published and is now available to buy at book stores or on Amazon. It’s a great honour to join all the wonderful authors in the DELTA Teacher Development Series and I hope that Film in Action will fit seamlessly into the series and enjoy the prestige that the other books enjoy worldwide.

I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying the book as the royalties which I will receive from sales will help to keep the website completely free. Writing the lessons and maintaining the site takes up a lot of my time and is very expensive, and unless a lot of teachers and directors of studies buy my books I will have no alternative but to start charging for the lessons. Teachers who have already generously donated will still have free access to the site. If you can’t afford to buy the book yourself, you could ask your school to buy a copy for your staffroom.

Let me tell you more about the book and an exciting film-making competition to promote it:

Film in Action offers guidance on taking on the challenge of the digital revolution; insights into how learners engage with film inside and outside the classroom; advice on effectively bringing film into the language classroom; and guidance on how both teachers and students can create their own moving images.

It has over 100 highly practical activities which require little or no preparation that can be easily added to the repertoire of any busy teacher. All the activities have the common aim of helping learners practise and improve their English, covering all four language skills.

It highlights the educational benefits of not just watching moving images inside and outside the classroom, but also of creating moving images. It also looks at innovative ways of integrating moving images into the school system.

To celebrate the publication of Film In Action I am delighted to announce a film-making competition in which your school can win the following fantastic prizes:

  •  A license for Camtasia Studio 8 which helps you create professional videos easily  (value 250 US dollars).
  • A licence for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 which allows you to edit, organise and share digital images  (value 150 US dollars).
  • A signed copy of Film in Action.

Your students are almost certainly creating their own videos and short films with their mobile phones outside school. We think it’s a fantastic idea to bring this creative video and film-making into the language learning classroom. In Film in Action there are lots of activities which encourage students to create their own videos. To help you get your students creating short videos in your classes our competition uses an activity from Film In Action in which students have to make their own ‘how-to’ videos using a mobile phone or other mobile device.  Follow the activity as outlined below:



Their videos should be no longer than 5 minutes and they have to upload them to YouTube and, you, their teacher, should send a link to the video to before Monday 1st June. You should also briefly (in less than 100 words) describe your teaching context, name of institution,  the names of the students who made the video, and any other relevant information. All of the videos will be published individually in short posts on the Film in Action site. The winner will be announced on Thursday 4th June.

Here’s an example of the type of video your students could create.



I hope you consider buying the book to help keep Film English completely free, and that your students enjoy the activity and the competition.

13 thoughts on “A film-making Competition to Celebrate the Publication of My New Book Film in Action

  1. Just tried to order your book on Amazon UK, and it’s double the price plus postage when translated to Australian dollars.
    Hoping there will be links with other suppliers into the future, as I definitely want to purchase the book and support the great work you’re doing.

  2. Congratulations! This looks like such a wonderful resource to use in ELT. I would love to purchase your book, but I live in the US. Is there a distributor on this side of the globe?

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  4. Congratulations Kieran. A well-deserved publication which I hope will bring the credit, recognition and earnings you deserve. I have been a follower of this site for a long time and your standards and generosity in sharing bowl me over.
    I’ll be looking out for the Kindle version for sure.
    Well done!