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Posted on February 12, 2014 by kierandonaghy


This EFL lesson plan is designed around a beautiful short film and interactive questionnaire by Arturo Perez and the theme of soulmates. Students discuss love and soulmates, watch a short film and listen for specific information, and answer an interactive questionnaire to discover the possibilities of finding their soulmate.



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Language level: Upper Intermediate (B2) – Advanced (C1)

Learner type: Mature teens and adults

Time: 90 minutes

Activity: Speaking, watching a short film, and anwering an interactive questionnaire

Topic: Soulmates and true love

Language: Vocabulary to describe love and relationships.

Materials: Short film and questions worksheet

Downloadable materials: soulmate lesson instructions     soulmate questions

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Step 1

Write the word soulmate on the board. Elicit or explain that a soulmate is a person ideally suited to another person as a romantic partner; a soulmate understands and connects with you on every level, and makes you feel complete.


Step 2

Divide the class into groups of three and four. Dictate the following questions:

Do you believe in a soulmate?

What are the chances of a person finding their soulmate?

What qualities would your soulmate or perfect partner have?


Step 3

Ask the groups to discuss the questions.


 Step 4

Hold a plenary session based on the questions.


Step 5

Divide the class into pairs. Give them the discussion questions worksheet. Ask them to answer the questions individually, and then discuss and compare their answers with their partners.


Step 6

Hold a feedback session on the questions.


Step 7

Dictate the following numbers to the students:








Check that students have the right numbers.


Step 8

Tell the students that they are going to watch a short film about the possibilities of finding your soulmate. Each number refers to the chances of finding your soulmate. As the students watch their task is to identify what each number refers to. Show the film twice and then ask the learners to compare their answers with a partner.

Pre-teach picky (an adjective to describe a person who is very fussy or selective about people or things) and click (a verb to say that people get on and function well together).


Less Than One from artperezjr on Vimeo.


Step 9

Get feedback from the class. Show the film a third time and ask the students to tell you to pause when one of the numbers is mentioned.

Here are the answers:

800,000 – the number of people in the city

400,000 – the number of guys who live in the city

130,000 – the number of guys who live in the city who are her age

65,000 – the number of guys who are her age and single

3,250 – the number of guys who she would find attractive

16 – the number of guys shoe would find interesting

0.53 – the number of guys she would “click” with.


Step 10

Ask the students if they couple have already found their soulmates.


Step 11

Give the students the following link to an interactive questionnaire which calculates the possibility of finding their soulmate.

If all the students have mobile devices they should do the questionnaire and write the final Number of People Perfect for You and discuss it with a partner.


If not all the students have mobile devices for homework they should do the questionnaire and bring the final Number of People Perfect for You to the following class and discuss it.


I hope you enjoy the lesson.

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Film English remains ad-free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain. If you find any joy or value in it, please consider supporting Film English with a monthly subscription, or by contributing a one-off payment.

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47 thoughts on “Soulmate

  1. I’ve used it with my B2 students and they loved it! Besides practicing vocabulary, it’s been great for practicing listening to numbers. Thanks so much! I love your website.

  2. Thank you so much for great materials. I am actually doing a research on impact of movies on listetning and general comprehension of Ss, and I am already certain your webpage and mateirals will be of HUGE use for me and my research.

    thank you again:)

  3. Thank you for these materials. After watching this short film i believed in a soulmate. It’s very hard to find your own soulmate in this world. I would like to find somebody who will be honest with me. That’s the perfect person i think.

  4. What precisely is she saying about the tampons??.. I think I got the meaning but cannot understand the ending…Thanks

    Well done, a great lesson

  5. I tried the lesson with my b2 class, and it was a great success!!! it opened the way to a neverending discussion about the existence of soulmates… we ended up reading some excerpts by Brian Weiss, who strongly believes in soulmates… this is the link, if you are interested in it…
    Thanks a lot, you did a terrific job!

  6. Wonderful idea! I fell in love with this website from the very first sight; ).
    Unfortunately I cannot seem to find the video for this lesson? Is it no longer available?

  7. I’m having trouble reaching the video… both vimeo and the Film English website are asking me for a password! Can you help? Thanks in advance!!!

  8. Hey! A great lesson, as always! Used it a couple of times, and evertytime it’s a blast, especially with the teenage groups. But lately they ask for a password to be able to view the video. And the website became unavailable for some reason as well… However, maybe it’s just me. Do you know anything about it? Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi. I used one of your lesson plans a while back and really enjoyed it. I came back to thank you and use another one and it is password protected. Please can I have the password.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  10. I have started recently and have use this material, it has been one of the most enjoyable lessons for everyone. Thank you….pity is no longer available

  11. I love your website and appreciate your work a lot, and it´s not only me, my students have a great time when we use your lesson plans.

    This is one my favorites. Too bad is not available anymore. Just today I found that out while trying to use it in class this morning 😛

    My best regards.

  12. Hi Kieran,

    I was going to use your lesson this week in my EFL Speaking class, and I looked at the questions. There seems to be a problem with Q#2: “Is it important that you’re intellectually challenged?”. You know that “intellectually challenged” is a PC term for “less educated” or simply “stupid”, right? I guess this question will have to be reworded 😉


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