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What is that?

Posted on November 17, 2012 by kierandonaghy

This EFL lesson is based around the theme of love and a simple poignant short film What is That? by Greek director Constantin Pilavios. Students discuss quotes about love and talk about different types of love. The short film is in Greek with English subtitles.

Language level: Intermediate (B1) –Upper-intermediate (B2.1)

Learner type: All ages

Time: 90 minutes

Activity: Watching short film clip, discussing quotes about love and speaking love

Topic: Love and family relationships

Language: Vocabulary related to love and family relationship, going to + infinitive

Materials: Short film, PowerPoint presentation and discussion questions

Downloable materials: what is that lesson instructions     love quotes     love discussion questions


Step 1

Write Love on the board and ask your students what comes to mind when they see the word. Next get them to define what love means for them.


Step 2

Show this PowerPoint presentation with a definition of love and quotes about love to your students and ask them to discuss them.


Tell the students they are going to watch a film about love. Show the students the video, but stop at 2 minutes 18 seconds when the son says ”Where are you going?” Ask the students to predict where the father is going to go and what he is going to do.



Step 4

Watch the rest of the video and get students to see if their predictions were correct.


Step 5

Ask students what they think of the short film and how it made them feel.


Step 6

Finish the lesson with a general discussion on love. Students should ask and answer the questions in pairs.
Love Discussion Que


I hope you enjoy this English language lesson.

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6 thoughts on “What is that?

  1. Great lesson plan and have to say my students absolutely love the lessons :0)

    Did you know the slideshare ppt is save disabled?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Ray,
      Thanks a lot for coomenting; I’m really happy your students loved the lesson. Ypu can download the PowerPoint as a PDF in the downloadable materials sestion.
      All the best,

  2. Hi, this is now by far my favourite site. Well thought out, interesting and interactive. A question though: how many times do I have to watch a film before I can show it to my students without tears running down my face? This film, The Piano, Cardboard Box, all made me tear up they were so touching and well made. I don’t want to look like a big baby in front of the students ! Really, not a complaint, I’m just going to use your other films till I can get a grip!
    Thanks for an excellent site that finally ended my endless searching for a good site.

    • Hi Melina,
      Thanks a lot for your kind comments, I really appreciate them. I wouldn’t be embarrassed about crying; the films are really beautiful and moving. I hope your students enjoy the site as much as you do :-)
      All the best,

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